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Art at your fingertips


Jumpstart Your Playful Mind!

Do you need to get connected to your creative self again?

Do you long for the freedom of no rules?

Do you give yourself permission to play?

I am now offering ongoing weekly classes for adults that will reintroduce you to the joy of making stuff and remind you that

a) it has the power to make you incredibly happy

b) once you start, unexpected wondrous things happen and

c) it’s easy

The only skill you will need is the ability to cut with scissors.

scissors 2


Note: playing can unlock & unblock for writers, musicians, crafters & cooks. No matter if you are a professional, amateur, or have not made something since primary school, you will be completely at home.

In light of the creative tsunami that takes place in the studio, I keep the number of artistic geniuses to a maximum of six.

DATES & TIMES of upcoming weekly classes: 

Next Block of 5 Monday Classes – Monday, 18th of April – 23rd of May (no class on the 2nd of May)      7:30 – 9:30pm  FULL

Next Block of 5 Thursday Classes -Thursday 21st of April – Thursday 19th of May 7:30 – 9:30pm


Blocks of 5 – £75 (includes supplies)

New Blocks begin every 5 weeks

sign up at sarapinto.com– emailing through ‘contact’


Attending Sara’s workshop I discovered I could grow my own oasis. She gave us a handful of seeds and a nudge and said: ‘Go on, you can do it.’ You have permission to cut things up, take old books apart, pick what catches your imagination, play with materials, textures and colours. You can explore and try things out. If you get stuck, Sara will propose a way forward. And little by little, in the middle of what looked like a barren space of daily routine, chores and work deadlines, a wee garden started growing from my own rediscovered creativity.” – C.M.

It hadn’t occurred to me at age 46, in the middle of a hectic life that I had either the time or the talent to start any artistic pursuits. Word of mouth brought to my ear, that I was in fact, missing out because Sara Pinto was running unmissable art workshops. The atmosphere was relaxing, encouraging, creative, the ideas were fun, imaginative and best of all, I with my inherent lack of artistic talent, was able to create pieces that I loved and that my brutally honest family and friends complemented. Going to one of Sara’s workshops is a very good use of your time, however busy you are. It is also good for the soul, allowing you to relax and be creative in a way that many of us haven’t done since we were children. – S.C.

I had not taken an art class since school and any spark of creativity felt deeply buried under the pressure of a full time job and 3 young children but Sara creates an oasis of calm in her beautiful studio and with a series of delightful, fun and varied activities, all apparently simple and non-threatening, we were all amazed by what we could create. Inspired, I found ideas popping into my head as I went about my everyday life and couldn’t wait to get back to try them out. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon! Thank you for letting my creativity out the box and for so much fun. I can’t wait to come back for another class!” –R.G.

The workshops were the best fun I’ve had in ages. This sounds weird as I enjoy myself all the time. But having the time and space to do creative things, in total freedom and without rules, made me very happy indeed. Time for a new proverb: “All play and no work makes Jack a bright boy.” – E.J.

Sara you are amazing! I have spent all my life looking and appreciating the wonderful world of art from the outside, as it were, and now I have the beginnings of a glimmer of how to view it from the inside. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You are an inspirational teacher. I can’t wait for my next Workshop with you.” – J.B.

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