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Goodnight Nanny-Cam Cake

Cake Books! Goodnight Nanny-Cam had it’s launch party in New York on Saturday and Jen & Lizzy, the authors extraordinaire, sent me this picture to cheer me up, as I couldn’t make the trip from Scotland. Honestly, it’s my exact cover illustration but done in frosting….I’m getting all kinds of crazy ideas now about rethinking my medium! How I’d love to meet the amazing froster who created this sweet, sweet treat.


The book goes on sale tomorrow (February 25th), so check it out. It’s a hilarious send up of Alpha Parenting to the tune of the beloved Goodnight Moon. It’s a book for Grown-Ups, with lots of cheeky dark humor. I had a wonderful time illustrating Jen & Lizzy’s biting, rhyming satire, which first appeared in The New Yorker’s Shouts & Murmurs. It was great fun letting my darker side out while still working in a familiar way. Too bad I used paint, not so much fun licking your fingers after you finish…..


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