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Home from the whirlwind tour of the United States. Actually, they are not feeling all that United, but that’s for someone else’s blog. Here in Glasgow, we’re united against the looming darkness and wet that we’ll all endure for the coming months. No better time to get a lot of work done!

But it is hard. It’s hard to be your own engine, your own fuel tank, your own match. Sometimes I dream of going to an office where there are plans to get things done, schedules, water coolers. Structure, obligation, responsibility. Teams. Flip charts.

But here I am. There is my big work table, cleared off and ready. There’s the paper. I’ve made myself some coffee. I can do this. I feel sort of lonely padding around here on my own, I’ve got to admit. But, I’m going to put pen to paper and trust that once I begin I’ll lose myself in The Thing. It does always happen but somehow starting is always an act of faith.

Would it be weird if I had a water cooler installed in the corner of the studio? I’d at least get to talk to the guy who delivered a fresh one each month.

Wait one second! I see that it’s already one o’clock and the kids are due home in a few hours…I’ve got to start working, enough of this musing.

Ready, Set, Go….



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